Report: Eagles visit with Derrius Guice sparked “shouting match”

Running back Derrius Guice slid to pick No. 59 for a variety of reasons. One specific problem arose from Guice’s team visits, which as Ian Rapoport of NFL Media said earlier in the hour on NFLN did not always go well.

Guice has the power to change that, and maybe his unexpected slide to No. 59 will be the catalyst. Multiple sources have told PFT that, as to his claim that he was asked during the Scouting Combine whether he likes men, Guice told conflicting stories to NFL investigators, preventing them from concluding that the question had been asked.

During a pre-draft visit to PFT Live, I pressed Guice on the question of whether it was a miscommunication, a misunderstanding, or something else. Guice chose to avoid the topic, other than to acknowledge that he had been interviewed three times by NFL Security.

Based on everything that has emerged regarding Guice, Washington’s relationship with Guice may involve more than a few sit-downs and heart-to-hearts in the coming weeks and months. Maybe the switch will flip; maybe he’ll mature.

If he does, Guice could have a long and fruitful career in the NFL. If he doesn’t, he’ll be one of the guys who inevitably is replaced by another draft pick in two or three years.

Obviously, he has proved that he is very accurate with the football. I really think he is a tremendous leader. He has a lot of qualities that we look for. It is somewhat coming out, I think a lot of people had him as their best quarterback. We are very excited to have him and very glad that he is going to be here in this organization.”

General Manager John Dorsey said the Browns staff reached unanimity on Mayfield early this week. But Dorsey and Jackson were sold on the Heisman Trophy winner more than a month ago.

Still, Mayfield will begin his Browns’ career third on the depth chart behind Tyrod Taylor and Drew Stanton.

“He has got to work his way up,” Jackson said. “He has to earn it. We are not going to give anybody anything. Draft status is just that. You still got to earn the right to play for the Cleveland Browns, and that is what we are going to create here.”broncos_061_d6ba102d513d1c9f-180x180